Chupi ~ Birding Paradise of Bengal

Never been a geek on birding, neither on photography but driven by my insatiable thirst for seeing a new place took me to this little know paradise in countryside of West Bengal.

We started from Kolkata, reached Krishnanagar by a EMU. Met with our mentor there and boarded a bus to Nabadwip. Crossed the Bhagirathi on a country boat and took another EMU to Purbasthali. It was already 9PM. We took a cycle van and reached adjoining village of Kasthashali which will be our base to our birding activity next day.

We stayed at a basic but sufficient guest house. Next morning, we hired a country boat to explore the ox bow lake known as Chupir Char, a birder’s paradise. We spent the the entire day on boat floating around the lake, clicking the birds, enjoying the warmth of February and the chores of village life.

Let me take you to through a short but golden day out clicking, birding in the  splendid, picturesque countryside.

IMG_0563IMG_0585A brilliant sunset(above) was a bonus to end a blissful day among bountiful nature. We left the place mesmerized to a promise to come back.

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