Osian ~ Rustic Gateway to The Thar

Osian, a little known village tucked in rural Rajasthan can bewilder you with its rustic charm. Osian is a gateway to the Thar. It offers unspoilt desert flora and fauna, old temples and an unforgettable experience.

15th Nov, 2014

It was a lazy and warm November afternoon.I reached Osian, 70 Kms away from Jodhpur by bus.

The bus left me in front of the Sachiya Mata Temple. There are a Jain temple complex as well. The temples are small though are adorned by beautiful sculptures all along its walls and pillars.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere I met Gemar Singh of HACRA. he is one of best guides and conducts camel safaries, eco tours etc in this area.Gemar arrived with his jeep to take me exploring the desert landscape.

Soon he drove his jeep down a non metaled road driving through the bush and vegetation. As we drove in, landscape became more arid and interesting. With no signs of human settlement , it was a perfect solitude. We could spot two Chinkaras nearby as we moved on.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter driving for few more kms now Gemar turned his jeep off the road. We were driving through the bushes.

A dune appeared nearby. Gemar has warned not to expect a ocean of sand and undulating dunes like Sahara in this part of the globe. Here we can expect small dunes along with semi arid landscape and sparse human settlement. Aware of the fact, what I saw was still impressive.

Then he started to climb up with the vehicle along one dune and it was really exciting. Beautiful view was in offing from the top of the dune.

Climbing down the dunes he took us to his Dhani where he hosts small yet beautiful cottages. With no electricity, it is a fabulous place for a night stay. It is ideal for star gazing in a clear night sky. He showed me the scrapbook where I found feedback from people all around the world who enjoyed Gemar’s company.

We signed off from the place soon to return Jodhpur with an ambition to come back once again.

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