Excursion to Dasghara

Monsoon is a season not suitable for the hills,national parks and active backpacking through the countryside. But who can quell the wanderlust, so I decided to travel in own courtyard, on short drives to little known places in rural Bengal where there is little or nothing to see but a lot to take away in wandering through the rain drenched villages and towns.


Driving through the lush green fields under the canopy of tall trees along the state highway, reached the popular pilgrimage of Tarakeswar. It is a little town mostly lives around the temple. The temple resembles the typical Bengal Architecture with a tank called Dudhpukur.

After visting the temple and offering the Puja, had a sumptous lunch at a roadside eatery.Awesome taste of the Dhokar Dalna is still watering my mouth. Driving towards Burdwan for around 10 Kms, reached Dasghara.


Dasghara is a sleepy village, where one can trace some dilapidated ruins of old temples, feudal mansions, gateways etc.Ray and Biswas bari are two such crumbling mansions, struggling for its existence from urbanisation drives, lack of maintenance and awareness.I liked the pond with the reflection of the palace and the old Banyan tree, witness to its heydays and the downfall.


Sooner, dark clouds engulfed the sky and with strong downpours, I departed towards Kolkata.

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