About Me

Driven by wanderlust, going around the subcontinent and sometimes beyond with a camera, framing the eternal celebration called life around different cities, towns and villages, getting awestruck by the captivating beauty of nature, being mesmerized by mind boggling man made structures and thus cherishing to pen down my memories on this blog.

Amitava Dasgupta


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Are you a full time traveller ?

    If so how how do you fund your travels ?

    I am working in a IT company and very tired of life and find no joy in the conventional way of life ?

    Any suggestions you have for me ?

    P.S.-a desk job is pathetic and soul crushing for me


    • No I am not. I do also 9 hour desk job. Nobody contributed a penny for my travels, anyways why would they do? Just get out of your comfort zone, prioritize your goals and don’t wait for any friend or relative, develop a taste and courage to go solo. That’s it.


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