Tawang ~ Paradise Less Known

Greens of Brahmaputra Plains Assam welcomed us as we woke up inside our train compartment.

Next morning we started for Bhalukpong from Tezpur. Our way was through Nameri National Park in Sonitpur district of Assam.

After showing our permit(ILP) we started our epic journey towards Tawang. Soon we started to climb the foothills alongside the Kameng river.

We arrived at Bomdilla, a little quaint town with fog engulfed us all around.

The day after was to be the most scenic part of our journey so far as we would be crossing the Sela Pass(13000 ft) and descend into valley of Tawang. En route we saw the beautiful Jang fall. We hiked own to the base of the fall through dense vegetation.

Next day , we roamed around the laid back town of Tawang. Visited the famous Tawang monastery.

Next morning, we had gone for an excursion to Bumla, Madhuri Lake and PT Tso lake. Beautiful alpine landscape bewitched us. Towering cliffs, alpine meadows and glacial lakes bewitched us when we found our vehicle out of spares near Madhuri Lake at 15000 ft.

We were left in uninhabited high Himalaya without food or water and no shelter anywhere nearby. At last we returned in an army truck to Tawang. Only the person who has experienced can understand the agony of a journey on an army truck on a winding Himalayan track contrary how it is romanticized in the movies.

The return leg was more exciting. Again we got stuck aforesaid Jang village for 26 Hours. With no plans or whatsoever, managed to find a government rest house. Though it was a memorable experience.

The next morning offered fascinating views of a snowpeak and we could leave Jang only in the afternoon after being stranded for over 24 hours. We were still far behind our schedule and again got stuck inside forests of Eaglenest sanctuary in the dark. No human settlement nearby were in deep waters. Our driver somehow managed to fix the cab and it finally gave in when we reached Bhalukpong in 1 AM in the night.

Next day, we again chased our schedule and finally reached Guwahati station 1 hour late to find that we were not the only one who were behind schedule, so was our train.

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