Kasauli – A Do Nothing Hill Resort

We arrived at Kasauli, a quaint hill station tucked in Shivalik Hills in the state of Himachal Pradesh from Chandigarh. It was a short journey from Chandigarh to Dharampur by bus. From Dharampur Kasauli is few km uphill on a ridge at an altitude of 6000 ft. Some destinations are just meant to be for relaxing devoid of snarls of tourists, 3have nothing spectacular human creation or important. Kasauli is just like that, a dreamy hill cantonment town where one can spend a day or two for a customary detox from urban life.


We took refuge at Ross Common, A HPTDC property in Kasauli. It is a Raj-era bungalow turned to a hotel by HP government tourism board. It is a nice property with sprawling lawns with nice view of the hills. Rooms are large and nice with attic and fireplace. I liked the nice arrangement of al fresco dining in spacious lawns. DSC_0562

The town of Kasauli is centered around a little market and from different ridges and slopes merge around the center. There is a large cantonment of Indian Army and Indian Air Force and the town is administered by cantonment board. Hence the town is squeaky clean and certain points are off-limits to vehicles and civilians. There is an old church around the center and different walking trails go towards various vantage points. Kasauli is all about walking. It has no3thing to see as great landmarks but lonely roads and salubrious air.


Sunset Point

A trail from Ros Commons lead up to the sunset point. The road is an uphill hike with no vehicular traffic through pine forests and mist. Sometimes you pass through lavish bungalows and occasional passer-by. An old post box may amuse a modern-day city dweller from time to time as a relic of a bygone era.



Gilberts Trail

As we hiked along with mist and cloud, we reached the sunset point. Sunset Point is inside the restricted access area. About 650 mts ahead a walking path called Gilberts Trail. It is a dirt track with a 3gentle slope and offers a panoramic view from various angles. It goes up to Suicide Point which is a precarious cliffside.


Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point offers another spectacular view of the valley. It is tucked in a quiet corner and en route to the Monkey Point. We did not have time to climb Monkey Point which is about 4 more km to hike. So we enjoyed the serene sunrise from the Sunrise point.



Useful Tips

Nearest Railhead: Chandigarh and Kalka

Nearest Airport: Chandigarh and Shimla

By road: Frequent buses from Chandigarh(both HP and PRTC) ply towards Shimla. Get down at Dharampur. Take a cab (approx Rs 500) to anywhere in Kasauli.


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