Lataguri-Jhalong-Bindu- Paren-Samsing-Suntalekhola in a day trip

Post Lockdown as tourism is opening up around the country, still people are skeptical about traveling to other states due to Covid 19 related restrictions, I decided to explore North Bengal mostly till Covid 19 recedes. Already visited Darjeeling and Tinchuley during 2nd October long weekend . It was a scheduled tour to Mizoram during Durgauja but Mizoram was out of bounds due to Covid 19 . Also, there was a unused ticket to Bagdogra from April which was for Bhutan tri. So utilized the same to exlore western Dooars near Murti-Jaldhaka-Gorumara sector.

We had very limited time in our disposal, so , our plan was to cover the major spots on first day and night stay at Murti in WBFDC Banani resort. To be able to cover all spots in half day it required to start in wee hours. That is only possible, if one can arrive at NJP or Siliguri on the previous day or midnight. As our flight was in evening it gave perfect window of opportunity to fulfill our plans. We stayed in a hotel near NJP station on Saturday night after arriving at Bagdogra in evening.Then we tookthe Delhi Dibrugarh Brahmautra Covid Special train at 05:20 AM from NJP and disembarked at the next station at Jalpaiguri Road(JPE) at 6 AM.

Our pre booked car was waiting at the station. We started our journey towards Lataguri. Soon we crossed Tista River and turned northwards. Lush green fields and tea gardens started appearing. After driving through few tea gardens , we crossed Gorumara National Park. The highway was so beautiful, it cant be expressed by words. We stopped at Chalsa for breakfast.

from Chalsa we drove northwards crossing Chapramari towards Jhalong. Soon after crossing the Chapramari Forest, hills come closer. after crossing few tea gardens , we started to climb uhill. Road condition is not so good. These are foothills of Neora Valley. Soon we reached Gairibas view oint just above Jhalong. It offers a beautiful view of Jaldhaka river and Jhalong village from top.

Our next destination was Bindu, the last village on the frontier of India and Bhutan. The road meanders through lush green hills along the Jaldhaka River. Soon, we crossed Paren and then arrived at Bindu. here one can see the barrage that is built over Jaldhaka river right on the border where it comes down from Bhutan.

From Bindu , we drove westwards towards Samsing. Enroute , we stopped at Laliguras view point. It offers panoramic view of the Samsing Tea Garden.

After this we reached rocky island. Its overhyed, it is just a hill rivulet and few boulders. From here we reached Suntaleykhola. These locations are all inside forested hills. There are nothing big to see. But these are good for sending a day or two in peace among nature.

From Suntalekhola, we went towards Samsing Tea garden. It is just in the opposite cliff of Laliguras point. The entire area is undulating meadow with tea plantations. There are several other tea estates like Kumai etc along the route. After visiting this , we drove towards Murti via Meteli Bazar.

We stayed in WBFDC Banani Resort in the banks of Murti River. It is a cozy and beautiful property. There are several cottages as well as rooms in main building. We stayed at the Myna cottage which is the best one .

WBFDC Banani Resort

2 thoughts on “Lataguri-Jhalong-Bindu- Paren-Samsing-Suntalekhola in a day trip

  1. Hi Amitava,

    It must have been quite hectic to cover all the spots in half day. You must have planned it very well.
    We are planning to visit Jhalong river camp in April. Unfortunately, no direct trains are available till New Mal. So, have to get off at Jalpaiguri Road station. We are unsure whether we will get a hired car from there.
    It would be great if you could share the driver’s number. Then I could reach out to him and prebook the road journey.


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