Top Places to Visit in Visakhapatnam

Vizag or Visakhapatnam is Andhra Pradesh’s largest town on the eastern seaboard. It is a traveler’s delight as the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal plays hide and seek around Visakhapatnam. It is also famous for its cleanliness and various beaches and parks. We arrived from Kolkata on a sultry April afternoon.  The city looked very well planned and very clean. Yes, there are pockets of slums and garbages but overall the city looked considerably clean and green. There are parks and green pockets here and there to relax and cherish views.


Ramkrishna Beach

Located in the main city area is crowded. Tourists, as well as locals, gather there in the evening. The atmosphere is like any crowded sea resorts with hundreds of people hanging out, vendors selling food items and various handicrafts. All big brand hotels are situated around this area.

Haritha Beach Resort, Rushikonda

This resort is overlooking Rushikonda Beach which is situated in a quieter and suburban area. The drive from the main city area to Rushiknda is an absolute joy. The Marine Drive road is beautiful, clean and in perfect condition. The resort is situated on a hillock and offers awesome views of the crescent-shaped beach and adjoining hills. The resort is away from hustle and bustle and perfect for spending a couple of days.DSC_0364.JPG


Bhimili Beach and Thotlakonda 

It lies about 15 km ahead of Rushikonda. It is a beautiful coastal drive. Bhimili is a small coastal settlement and it is just another beach. Few Kms before it lies ruins of an old Buddhist Monastery in Thotlakonda. We could not see it as the ticket clerk was late to arrive and we were in a hurry with our schedule.DSC_0350

Kailashgiri Hill Park and Cable CarDSC_0389


Simhachalam Devasthanam



Submarine Museum

Yarada Beach

Dolphin’s Nose

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