Statue of Unity in a day trip

Statue of Unity, the colossal statue of Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel recently constructed in Narmada district of Gujarat has become one of the top most visited monument of India. It is 182 metres tall and currently holds the title of “Worlds Tallest Statue”.

How to reach Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is located on a small rocky outcrop on Narmada riverbed near Sardar Sarovar dam. Reaching Statue of Unity on a day trip is a bit challenging as it is situated in a remote corner of Gujarat lacking good rail or air connection. Nearest major rail stations are Vadodara Jn , Bharuch Jn about 90 kms away. Ahmedabad Jn and Surat Jn can be also used as rail head as these have better connectivity with far flung regions of the country.Nearest Airport is also at Surat, Vadodara or more practically Ahmedabad which has frequent flights from all major metros and towns. So only means to cover Statue of Unity is by road. I did it from Ahmedabad in a day but that was very hectic. I started at wee hours from Gita Mandir Bus Terminus in Ahmedabad. Not many buses are available, hence hiring a cab is more preferable and comfortable. The route goes through Vadodara, Rajpipla and Kevadia. Kevadia is the base for Statue of Unity which is going to be soon connected by a rail link.

Things to do in Statue of Unity

Off course, the main purpose is to visit the statue. The statue is visible from quite a distance. There are various facilities developed around the statue like landscaped gardens, food courts, view points and eco resorts though staying in these resorts are expensive affair. Tickets to Statue of Unity can be booked both online and Over the Counter. There are different viewing galleries and hence, the pricing is different. With the less costly ticket you can go in the museum which depicts the life and deeds of Sardar Patel and upto the feet . The costlier ticket will allow you to climb through the statue to a viewing gallery on the torso level though we couldn’t visit as we ran out of patience and time waiting in the queue.

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