Five Offbeat Places to See in Jaipur

  1. A walk from Statue Circle to Bidhansabha

    Arrive at early morning before mass traffic is out. Have a stroll around the beautiful garden built in a roundabout.Walk towards the State Assembly building via Janpath to be impressed by the modern yet artistic government buildings and the colossal, stately Bidhan Sabha Building. Spend a little bit of time in the Amar Jawan Jyoti Martyr’s Memorial and Walk ThroughWar Museum.


  2. Bird’s eye view from Galtaji Temple

    Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Sun Temple at Galtaji. The temple is simple and situated on a hill top. The hike can be done by auto on a bone shaking stone path also.View from the top is astounding. The vast expansive sweeping view Jaipur city is worth the penny. The temple is also least visited by crowds and hence very peaceful though monkeys can play bit foul sometimes. DSC_0838DSC_0841

  3. Gaitore Ki Chattriyan

    Cenotaphs of few Jaipur royals situated in a peaceful surrounding.Exquisite stone work and picturesque Chattris(Cenotaphs). Also see the great wall and steps that are built around the hills. Though the gates are close, here one can have the idea how people from older times scaled the steep cliffs by foot.DSC_0850DSC_0851

  4. Kanak Ghati

    Kanak Ghati is the place were Lord Govind was relocated from Vrindavan. Now it is a beautifully decorated yet least visited spot near Amer. Most of the people see Jal Mahal and head straight towards Amer but just a little bit away is the Kanak Ghati. Two exquisite ancient temple of NatwarJi and Radha Madhab stands together in landscaped premises. Surrounding area is also converted to a beautiful lanscaped park with soothing views.DSC_0867DSC_0872

  5. Panna Meena Kund & Jagat Shiromani Temple

    Situated at the foot of iconic Fort of Amber amidst a maze of alleys is the Panna Meena Kund, a stepwell now renovated and is a photographers delight.Very few people visit this site and the peace around the site is so pleasing. A few metres away is the unique Jagat Shiromani Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has two Torans or Gateways and intricate carvings. Also there are few smaller temples one of which is fabled to be associated with legendary Rajput Queen Meera Bai.DSC_0873DSC_0882

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