River Crossing on Bangladesh Railways

September, 2012

I went out for experiencing a rail journey in Bangladesh and to see Jamnuna river over the bridge over it.

I reached early to the Dhaka Bimanbandar Station to purchase a ticket for Sadanandapur situated across river Jamuna in Sirajganj district. Bangladesh railways run on dual gauge system and slow moving trains meanders through lush green villages.

Managed to get a seat in this chair car.

The train started to snail past beautiful greenery.

IMG_0547 Now see and cherish the views of mighty Jamuna from the train over the bridge.

IMG_0564 IMG_0587 IMG_0595Tips: Reach Airport or Kamalapur Railway station in Dhaka and buy a ticket for Sadanandapur. Non-AC tickets are recommended to view/film/capture the stunning scenery. Return via bus from Sadanandapur. Buses are available from road head about 0.5 km from the rail station.

For any further assistance contact me.

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