Kurukshetra ~ The Legendary Warzone

It was a gloomy, humid afternoon in Delhi. It has been a inactive quarter for me waiting for a business trip in queue which tied me behind in the scorching summer. One fine morning, I could not resist anymore, and vowed to get loose in the coming weekend. It had to be a solo. It had to be a day trip. I was struggling to find a destination that can be covered within a day. Suddenly, a newspaper ad of a educational institute triggered the idea of visiting Kurukshetra.

4th Aug, 2012

Seemed a breather after few months as Kalka Shatabdi Express zoomed away past the mess of Northern Delhi and the suburbs. 90 KMs on the train stopped at Panipat…..India’s second most famous battlefield. I wondered what was so special about this area, that battle mongers used to love so much or was it the Dharmakshetra(land of righteousness) where destiny brought belligerent parties to settle their issue.

My first destination was Sri Krishna Museum. This museum is dedicated to paintings and artifacts about Lord Krishna. In the annexe is the another museum dedicated to scientific research in ancient India and a audio visual panorama regarding Kurukshetra war. The museum provides great illustrations about advancement and contribution of India in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, metallurgy etc in ancient times.  It mentions about Boudhayan who invented Sulva Sutra(theorem which Pythagorus rediscovered 300 years later), Aryabhatta’s rule of Square Root,Cube Root, Quadratic Equation of Sridhar Acharya, Ayurveda and Surgeries by Charaka, Sushruta etc.


Stop next was the Sannihit Sarovar which is believed to be where all the sacred waters of tirthas(pilgrimages) assemble in the day of Solar Eclipse. A dip in this tank during Amavasya or Eclipse gives a person merits of Ashwamedha Yajna.


Brahma Sarovar lies nearby.Lord Brahma created the universe from the land of Kurukshetra after a huge yajna. The Brahma Sarovar here is believed to be the cradle of civilization.



My next destination was Jyotisar where Sri Krishna delivered Geeta Upadesh to Arjuna. Alongside there is a tank which is called Bhishma Kunda. It is believed to be formed by arrows of Arjuna dug into the ground to quench the thirst of Bhishma Pitamaha in his Sarsajyaa(Bed of Arrows).


There is also a monument built as a mausoleum of a Muslim Saint Sheikh Chaheli during Mughal era.


There are several temples in the area. Sthaneswar Mahadev and Bhadrakali are two worth of mention.Kurukshetra offers a nice weekend escape and holds great value for pilgrims who are more inclined to Moksha than travel.


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